Adventure time! | Rocket League (Xbox)

Adventure time! | Rocket League (Xbox)

Welcome to my first stream! This was streamed live on Twitch from the Xbox. I am aware of some audio difficulties – hopefully I can get these all worked out as I go along.

Live long and prosper!

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I am MasterGigadrain, a (hopeful) video content creator. This Website will be the main place to connect with the projects I have in mind, and I will post about them as they get going, along with updates.

You can find me around online with the links below (also in the footer!):

Facebook @MasterGigadrain
Twitter @MasterGigadrain
YouTube Coming soon!

Welcome to a new journey for me, and I hope you come along and enjoy the ride!

PS – Please enjoy the space theme. I love space imagery and have an amatur interest in astronomy – not the math part so I can’t say I love it.

A comic depicting two characters talking about love and science, with the text "When you LOVE something, you don't just love the exciting and fun parts...You love the boring parts just as much. People who truly love science spend their lives studying the tedious litter bits as well as the big flashy facts. You don't love science, you're looking at its butt when it walks by."
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