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Intro: Loop #1 (Big Music Bundle (Action, Rock, Energy) – Muz Station Productions)
Outro: Dreams of Glory (Music Loops Mini Set – Muz Station Productions)
Used under license |

Occasional in-stream music provided by HeatlyBros, Th3 Vidiot, Hyper Potions. Thank you for stream-safe background music!


First schedule background, temporary stream background
Retro futuristic landscape of universe background Free Vector provided to Freepik by pikisuperstar (

Overlay boxes, various alerts, other elements
Designed by me.

Character drawn by georgerateau ( and based on designs from Star Trek: Voyager.

Game promo art
I make an effort to only use official promotional and/or key art when promoting games. If I used your fan artwork incorrectly, please let me know.

Videos and widgets

Stream Raiders countdown and alert widget by Stream Raiders (

Animated red Husky stream animal provided by Kappamon (

2020-21 Earth from space view
NASA video “Earth Views from the ISS”
Use of this video should not explicitly or implicitly convey NASA’s endorsement of a video or group of videos.

June – July 2021
Starting: Cyberpunk Hi-Tech Glitch Neon Arrow (
Gameplay: Cyberpunk Hi Tech Hologram Landscape (
Standby: Cyberpunk Сity Digital Road Travel (
Ending: Cyberpunk Hi-Tech Glitch Neon X Cross (
Source: MG1010 (

August 2021
Background, Headers: Blue Nebula Star-Field Travel (
Source: AA-VFX Motion Backgrounds (

August 2021 – Present
Custom nebula with stars at warp
Commissioned to: fuzdesigns (

All transitions used were part of the pack “10 Free Stinger Transitions” from Visuals By Impulse (

Thank you to Blerp, Sound Alerts, Pixel Chat for additional widgets and sound events.


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